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Saturday, May 10

Random thought 05-10

Have you ever experience a point in your life where things are really starting to change and it is inevitable and all you have to do is move forward to the unknown? Like how you now have to face things that you didn't think you will, or just not right now? That's how my life is going. Awesome, huh?

This year has been slowly urging me to move forward and at the same time makes it feel like I've been dragging my ass just to get to things over with. My emotions are completely contradicting and I feel like I have to get out of here and just be somewhere else. Like being in a box, it's sort of caging me in a way that I have no control, or should I say, it's getting out of control and shutting me in. I am deeply enjoying everything but sometimes, I think about the things that are out there that I would love to do. And it makes me less grateful for what I have now and I feel so bad for thinking that way.

Everything's just going too fast with me chasing around just to get my life back.

I know it's complicated. Sorry.


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