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Wednesday, February 8

A Little Bit of Heaven

It's been a while since I wrote here in my blog. So much for trying to be a writer. But hey, I'm here now. And what made me write here again is this movie called "A little bit of heaven" which also made me cry my heart out after watching it.

I know it's been out for a long time but I've only managed to watch it tonight. Starring Kate Hudson as the main character, Marley, a career woman who was diagnosed with colon cancer and fell in love with his doctor, Julian Goldstein, played by Gael Garcia Bernal.

Not wanting any relationship, she never thought about falling in love especially after finding out about her illness. But love does moves in mysterious ways. After her friend noticed that she doesn't look good and even losing weight, she decides to go for a check up thus meeting Dr. Goldstein. During her first operation, she met with God in her dreams, in form of Whoopi Goldberg, she was given 3 wishes of which she only gave two silly things thinking it was a joke and she doesn't know what to wish for leaving the third one still available.

Fate continues to bring her and Julian together until she realizes it has to end since she is dying and he will only have his heart broken. But after another talk with God, with her having an accident, she realizes that he is her last wish. To finally love unconditionally, to give everything and live her life to the fullest with having someone by her side. She spent the rest of her remaining days finishing everything she needs to do for her friends and family and for him. Until finally, it was her time to go. But even after passing away, everyone celebrated at her funeral and that was what she wanted, to be remembered happily, and not through tears. And that even if she's gone, her memory lives on.

It was such a nice movie especially this Valentine's. Made me cry so much since I am such a sucker for romance, and even if it doesn't have a happy ending, it was still nice.  Plus, Dr. Love is quite cute. HAHAHA.

Here's the trailer for you guys even if I know you probably saw it already. :P

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