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Saturday, February 11

Contest Hustlers?

Sometimes people join contests or raffles in the hope of winning amazing prizes. But most often than not, they wouldn't make it a big issue nor depend on it since the common thinking of everyone else would be that the odds wouldn't be in their favor. Yes, winning contests especially with a huge prize or reward is very enticing to the public. And the more people will join, the less chances of you getting the prize. It does feel awesome to win something right? It makes one feel special, feel that luck was on their side, that among everyone else, you won. You beat the odds. Those kind of stuff are good occasionally. But what about those who make a living, or not really a living but live-off joining contests and giveaways here and there and getting stuff for free?

I thought about it after starting contests on our brand's Facebook and Twitter page. Once we post the questions or the rules, I check and see the profiles of those who participates in our contest. And since the contests are for the public, or those who are on Facebook and/or Twitter, we can't publicly disqualify the contestant. But I see some of them are such contest hustlers. Some even have a whole album of the prizes they have won. Yes, I know I shouldn't even care. But my perception of a contest/raffle is just a form of an extra fun or entertainment. I join contests for fun. Of just having that bit of hope that you might win. But win or lose, that's fine with me. But somehow, these hustlers try and really try to make themselves win. Especially those liking contests on Facebook!

I don't even see the point of having to force someone to like it. Telling everyone that you wanna win. It makes it like a popularity contest and not judged by the content nor the essence of the contest.

Going back, I just think that contests are supposed to be fun and exciting for all. It won't be when you know that some actually are aiming to win and does everything. I like how they give effort though. Haha. Still, everyone should have equal chances of winning.

All of what I said are just my opinions. And I don't want to argue about it. I just want to see some point of view of why some become hustlers. :)

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