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Friday, February 10

The Farm v3 now open!

The Farm v3 now open!

The best music on the planet 99.5RT is again opening the doors to the world of radio. If you're a college student looking for something to do this summer, or those who are just bored and likes music, then join the Farm!

It's where they'll teach you all there is to know about radio and music through seminars and hands-on activities. Plus get the perks of being heard over the airwaves! Lots of exciting things are in-store for those who wants to take a shot to be on one of the lucky few who gets to experience this amazing training!

I was part of their first batch, sort of like their experiment at first but trust me, it is all gooood. :>

For those who wants to join, simply send your resume to farm995rt@gmail.com or visit their station at Paragon Plaza, Mandaluyong City.

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