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Tuesday, December 8

Hello, Quarter Life!

Guess it's time to accept that I am a quarter of a century old. As I look back these past few years living as an "adult" living in the "real world", I realized that quarter-life crisis was real. Like REAL. Here were some of my stories how that said crisis happened:

21 was the year you got out of college and you are allowed to explore the opportunities, as well as get your ideal world broken by life's hardships. You applied to that dream job of yours only to wait for a call that will never come. Then you end up to a not-so-bad job with a not-so-good salary which you spent on worthless things just because it's your OWN hard-earned money.

22 was the year for fun and adventure and never-ending parties. You got the hang of balancing your life between friends, families versus work and mastered the art of coming straight to work after partying all night - with or without hangovers. 

23 was the year of feeling exhausted from the year before and it made you indifferent and stressed all the time. You slowly drift away and just to normal things and start losing your "true" self. You stopped caring altogether and became a robot.

24 was the year for pushing yourself forward and making things happen after a year in the dark. You decided that nothing will happen if you didn't do anything. Go book that ticket/s and travel the world. Take that class that you want. Talk to a friend you haven't seen for a long time. Expand your circle, meet new people.

This can just be me or someone else is feeling the same. Maybe it's because I am getting older and slowly becoming this old lady with a lot of cats, though I much prefer dogs. lol. 25 ain't that bad - yet. :)


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