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Wednesday, December 5

Birthday weekend!

It's been quite a while since I've manage to be consistent with my blog. But it feels great to be able to write off my thoughts again. And like what they say, all blessings are to be shared. So I've been writing down my insights and realizations whenever and I felt good after writing it. It releases some of the emotions I'm currently having. Thankfully, it's mostly good vibes and some blessings that I've experienced. Unlike when I was younger where all I wrote was sad and emo quotes and depressing stuff. LOL to my emo phase. Haha. Now I've found something worth posting. And I hope this can help other people feel inspired or feel motivated. It's one of the things that I wanted my blog to be. And hopefully, it will help you with your relationship with Him too. It might be too "religious" or "spiritual" but I'll try to post something else that's worthy of my cyber space.

So to start it off, let me share what happened to my weekend - My Birthday Weekend. :))

Since it was a holiday last Friday, I started my birthday weekend early and celebrated it with some friends from the campus team of CFC YFL. Treated them at Yellow Cab for dinner, then we watched the movie Pay It Forward, then hung out at CBTL until 3 in the morning. It was way late but hey, it's my birthday weekend! lol.

Then to make it up to my parents, I stayed home last Friday and cleaned up my room. As I was cleaning our shelves, I noticed all the old magazines, books and other stuffs from way back, some are even more than 10 years old! :)) I'm still thinking of whether I shall throw away, donate or sell my old books and magazines. Help me decide, please? :)


Since I had work last Saturday til lunch, I celebrated with my Clingy Clique at Sunrise Buckets. One thing we do for fun: EATING. We exterminated 5 pounds of chicken, some burgers, nachos and fries. And my money, boom! :)) After that we went to Eastwood supposedly to watch Silent Hill, however, knowing what's more fun, we ate once again. Allen had unli cakes and coffee even! Then we went to our friend Josh's birthday bash and guess what, we ate another plate and now with lechon! Wild!

Then last Sunday, there was this big mass at church where my parents were wearing costumes. We ate at the mini celebration afterwards where we got another round of lechon and other stuff. We went to Greenhills to shop for a bit, then had dinner and bought me a cake - could not not have one! And I chose one of my favorites, Conti's Mango Bravo. YUM! Then they dropped me off the salon for a birthday treat. Had a free hair spa and a mani-pedi for free! It's a bit weird to see my hair straightened too. Haha.

On Monday, since we don't have much time, my workmates and I settled for a quick lunch at Mega. Then came back to work right away.

It was indeed a fun weekend and turning 22 doesn't seem so bad, except with all the eating. LOL. So here's to hoping it will be good all throughout. :)


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