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Tuesday, September 23

while the momentum's still here.

well, yeah. it's been days but i really wanna write about it, so maybe that's why the momentum's still here. kasi usually it only lasts about a day and pag di ko nablog, wala na. :)) oh well. i should start now before the moment's gone :)

i just want to thank you for being there,
for giving me everything i need,
especially the warmth of your love and care
i owe to you every breath i breathe

about what you did the other day
it made me feel special in a way
your thoughtfulness brought me happiness
now it's up to me, to take care of the rest

i just wanna tell you that i changed
im still me but im not the same
you will know how much i really did
when i make you proud of our name

i am grateful for everything you do
i just thought i could do it too
someday you will be proud of me
that's the only thing i can guarantee

since the day i lived, you're by my side
watching my every move as my guide
you only want to protect me right?
that's why you don't want me late every night

though we had fights with each other
that's natural for a parent and daughter
when we always argue and yell
'cause there are things i couldn't tell

still i love you, my dear parents
you took care of me, your family
you're the one whom we can most depend
that's why i'll say thank you unexpectedly

haha. ayun! may pang philo na ko! haha! it's like hitting two birds with one stone! :)) yehey! :D

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