I tolerate curiosity

Monday, September 15

bored eh. :P

well ayun, umandar na naman ang ka-emohan ko. at chaka boring eh. :)) wala lang naman to. parang nursery rhymes lang :))

i cant do anything but to turn away from you, but all this feelings inside of me are true.

i cant see you anymore, but just a glimpse of you again will make my heartbeat faster just like before.

i still cry because you didnt know, but i cry harder regreting that i let go.

just go to where your heart yearns and i will be happy, though pain will be there knowing it is not me.

i saw you yesterday, and it seems you're doing okay, i wish i could be the same.

i really want you to know but thinking of rejection stops me from saying so..

its a pain to think of you, i wanted to forget, but dont want to from the day we first met

is it called love? this kind of feeling? the feeling of happiness and pain, the feeling of something you will never gain?

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