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Saturday, July 8

An Ode to Death

A friend of mine passed away recently, and it made me think about how death affects us, not only when a person physically dies, but when a part of us dies along with the loss of someone. So here goes...

When death does not come
 from physically dying,
When your eyes are dry
 that tears aren't flowing,
When your heart's so numb,
 you can't hear it beating,
When your purpose is gone,
 and you stop existing,

A death that's different,
 not of this world but of the soul;
A painful tragedy,
 one endures in attempt to be whole;
A daily battle trying
 to live or end up losing control;
Yes, it's a death
 all of us are afraid to unfold.

I wanted to write something
 on how to win over this kind of death,
But, I, too, have not overcome it
 nor know what comes next
So for now, this is all I could say,
 as my death has come and haven't left
But when it does, I'll tell you,
 and I'll help you until my last breath.


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