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Wednesday, April 14

This is not what I have been waiting for

I remembered summer last year, when it was my sister's time to look for a job for her OJT. I would look in the internet some jobs that she could apply to. I was the eager one in finding her a job. And I was also excited for my OJT the summer next year - this year. AND I AM THE LEAST BIT HAPPY.

I was expecting that I would get a good job from a very well known company. And after applying for 30+ companies, in which only a few called me back, I no longer expect anything from it. I told myself any company is fine, as long as I will like what I will do, and have fun with the people I will be working with. Oh-but-no. God, has an even greater plan for me which I have not yet understood. I got a text message during holy Wednesday saying that I got accepted at Pulp Magazine, a kinda-well known magazine in the country. So yeah, after not hearing from those 30+ companies, I accepted the job. I was excited again.

I was told to start on the 12th. So from the time I received the message, there was more than a week left for me. A week enough for other companies to call me. And some did. But I turned them down. I thought, Pulp mag is better. I'm good with it. I was really excited working there and no longer cared for the other companies. UNTIL MY FIRST DAY.

I was supposed to come in for work last Monday when I realized that I have a clearance at school. So I asked permission and they told me to start on Tuesday instead. I was even jealous of my classmates because they were working already and I will just be starting. It made me even more excited. THEN I WAS WRONG.

When I arrived at the office for my first day, I saw Klaris, a fellow CA student from another section, and it was only two of us. Jasmine, my blockmate who is also working there, called in sick and the two other students didn't came. So yeah, there were only two of us. It was already past 11am, which was our working time, and we haven't even done anything! We were just sitting there, staring eye to eye, whispering to each other. And not even a single word from any of the employees! DAMN! Are we invisible or something!? Like, HELLO! We are interns! We applied here to do some work! And yet, lunch break came only when we asked if we could go to the bathroom. GAH. NO INITIATIVE WHATSOEVER.

So we had lunch. I hung out with Klaris' friends who were working at Tagline, an amazing events company. And yeah, I curse Pulp to the ends of the world! They were so happy talking about their jobs whilst we mourn over ours. Lunch break was over so we decided to go back after two hours since they wouldn't even notice us.

GAH. After coming back, we were yet again snubbed! We sat there again doing nothing. So we decided to go out again, and came back at around 5. Then they made us do some P.A. work. For me, those kind of work are okay, but, for us to waste time and only do some jobs right before we go home? WTH. Some kind of internship, huh.

Thus, I plan on resigning and will be looking for another job that is far better than Pulp. If you guys ever read this, fire me okay!? So that I wouldn't bother making a resignation letter. :))

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