I’ve been reminiscing the past 3 years of my life in college the whole day. and GOD, i miss everything!! i really miss going to school and just hanging out, or doing school stuff, except for papers and quizzes. lol. oops, let me rephrase that, I MISS EVERYONE. yes, everyone who has been part of my 3 years in college. i miss them. i never realized it until now, that I’ve got some awesome friends, classmates and ever profs. pretty soon, like a year from now, i can never go back that moments, i might never be with those awesome people ever again. having an internship this summer made me realize that the real world is coming up on us and life will be different. life would be much much more difficult. i guess it’s about time that we start cherishing every moment we’ve got left in college and forget all the bad things that may have happened. let’s just enjoy the remaining months we have together. well, we should study too. lol. still, i wish it’ll be the bestest year in my college life that I’ll have to remember everything forever.