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Thursday, December 11

wish ko lang :))

Well, my birthday is over. BUT, i still have christmas to get what i want. HAHA. oh yeah
so now, i'll just list down the stuffs that i didn't get on my birthday. :))
eto lang naman, LOL.

1. DSLR preferably CANON or NIKON

2. an ipod/itouch or the Disney MP3 player (available at funky finds :D)

3. Motorola Q9h or Q8 or an iphone

4. New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

5. Special A manga

6. Havaianas 2009 collection or the logo metallic

7. Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, etc DVDs (oks na ung pirated haha)

8. my driver's license
9. shopping spree. haha.
10. clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, and many more. :P

wala na ko maisip eh :)

cash nalang. :))

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