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Sunday, December 7

another night of memories

well, every moment, good or bad, is a memory to remember. it's something that we can laugh about or learn from. these memories are the ones that we can carry on for the rest of our lives. though we may forget some, it just depends on you what you would want to remember. usually, we would try and forget the most painful ones and only remember the happy times. well, who would like to keep a memory that would remind them of something bad that has happened? maybe there are some, but most of us only wants to keep better memories.

why am i saying this? it's because i want to thank those who have been with me through my good and bad times. even the most painful one, i would still like to remember all. and for me, the moments that you have shared with me are priceless for no moment can never be the same. we can make a wonderful memory same to as that before but it will not be the same. it can't be compared to the moment that we have had before. so why not make a different memory right? :)

haha. andami pang kadramahan eh noh. basta thanks everyone for last night. you've made it a wonderful memory to remember.

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