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Wednesday, July 9

i wanna learn magic badly :D

i wanna learn magic or illusion tricks :] can somebody teach me?? :) i want to learn so bad. haha. wala lang. there's something that made me want to learn about it. maybe it's the mysteries that lie behind it and also it makes me feel that impossible can be possible.

well, what inspired me is a movie that i just watched now lang, i don't know the title but it's really amazing. it was a love story of two childhood sweethearts who were separated just because of royalty and poverty (old english style sila eh.). (am i making sense?? :D)

the girl's name was Sophia(the richness) and the guy was Edward(the peasant). Edward was inspired by an old man i think (di ko kasi naumpisahan sa umpisang umpisa :P) that showed him a magic trick. yun. when Sophia saw him trying to do one, nagkagusto siya. :D basta un. ayoko na pahabain.

nung malaki na sila, and Edward was good in his tricks, he made her a necklace/ secret locket. alam nyo na next dun. haha. if not, they fell in love. then nahuli sila nung magtatanan na sila. awww :( and forbidden na sila magkita.

Edward left the town, and 15 years (or so,) later, he went back to their town to have a show. he was famous na btw, he was a known illusionist named EISENHEIM. then on one of his show, he saw Sophia all grown up, and with her fiance the crowned prince. (ouch!) he chose her to as a volunteer for a trick of his. and GRABE. AMAZING! basta he did the thing with a mirror blah blah. which i haven't seen in magic shows. tas yun. muling ibalik ang tamis ng pag-ibig :))

when they tried (for the second time around) to elope, ayun, napatay ung girl :( to Eisenheim's grief, he tried a new trick, an illusion of humans, like spirits as in! a half man first then children then Sophia's. everyone was shocked. and nabring up yung topic na kung sino talaga ung pumatay sa kanya.

it was such a big controversy kasi the crowned prince's name is at hand. siya daw pumatay kay Sophia. kaya yun, when he tried to reappear Sophia, he was arrested but before he was, he disappeared like his illusion. grabe if you have seen this. wow as in. :P

then yung police who tries to solve all the mysteries, solved one. that the crowned prince killed Sophia. guilty as he is, when the army/soldiers was getting nearer in his room, he shot himself. then the police got Sophia's necklace back. and a little kid went up to him and gave him a letter from Eisenheim. he saw him and follow him to the train station. he didn't caught Eisenheim but soon realized everything.

the whole story was to make him and Sophia together again. everything was a trick even Sophia's death. AMAZING siya basta.


wala lang.


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