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Saturday, May 24

i broke one again :|

huhu. why does this always happen to me? :| i am such a destroyer. am i cursed? jinxed maybe? haiiiii... this is depressing. :|

okay. it's been 4 months since i broke my last fone, by breaking the lcd screen. yeah. good one right? haha. it's a touch screen btw, so it's pretty useless now. and papa is still not doing anything about it. what a waste. i love that fone. :|

after a month since then, he bought me a new fone. almost like my other fone but just a little smaller. it's pretty much the same in everything. and i love it too :)

now 3 months has passed and it gave in. it doesn't work anymore. :| it's just that. when i turn it on, it only displays one thing on the screen and it stops there. huhu. one moment i was using it and then few minutes after it stopped working. i so hate when this stuff happens. and papa doesn't know i broke it, yet.

now i don't have a fone again. i broke it. why does everything i use easily breaks!? like our digicam that i broke just a few days before we left for the states. and my necklace w/c i broke on the day of our flight. hay.. this is so depressing :((

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