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Thursday, May 8

down to our last stop

okay, few hours to go and we're leaving jersey. wow. time really flies. and now im wishing that it didn't.haha. damn. now that we're really close to going home, back to my home sweet home :D, i kinda sad that we're leaving already, well, goodbyes are made for that :D, but you know, it felt like we didnt have enough time or something. or maybe because we're always late that we didnt get a chance to do a lot of things. damn.

well, we're off to hawaii now, our last stop and it's back to phils! :)

now im having a bittersweet moment. sad to go and leave and excited to go home. can't choose. XD

one way or another, that'll happen. and so better face it with a whole latta aloha. :))

haha. im just bored and hungry :))

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