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Tuesday, November 30

20 Wishes For My 20th Year

Only a few days to go til my birthday and xmas, and I am hoping that someone loves me enough to give me at least one of the following that I listed that I wish to have. Thank you, Santa Claus! I've been a very good girl. HAHAHA.

1. To get my driver's license! So I can go out and drive alreadyyyy!! :)) 

2. I wish that my DSLR's LCD will be fixed. (or at least have some money to fix it.)
UPDATE: Aplhie's home and fixed!! YEY!! Tho that cost me my xmas gift from my parents. :| :))

3. 2011 Planner. Already got one! Thanks to Jen Muñoz! <3

4. An Ipod Touch (latest model) Never had a new one since the first Ipod Shuffle 512 MB. HAHAHA

5. New External Hard Drive 500 GB. My 250 GB is 90% full already. I need more space! :))

6. Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic and Baby & her new book, Mini Shopaholic! I looove Becky Bloomwood!
UPDATE: A friend told me someone already bought the Shopaholic and Baby for me! YAY!! :D


7. Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse and Breaking Dawn from the Twilight Saga. Not that much of a fan, but I want to finish reading it.

8. Cute Earphones/Headphones. I broke mine a few days ago. Anything cute and matibay will do. Wag lang jeje headphones xD
UPDATE: OMG! Chammy really bought me Hello Kitty earphones! YEEEEY!


 9. Pink Flip Cover for my Blackberry Curve 8520. I want a new case. And I want something that protects the front as well. My screen protector's all scratched up already just after a few days since I put it on.

^ A plain one will do. :)

10. Lip balm. My lips' all chapped. I prefer Lipsmackers. :))

11. Goldilocks' Classic Polvoron. I just love love love love it! My current craving this season. :9 Got mine already thanks to my dad! :D

^That box! Nomnomnom.

12. Dunkin' Donuts' Nutty Chocolate! My lifetime favorite! :))
Dream come true!! A DOZEN DUNKIN NUTTY CHOCO! :))) Thank you, Nina, Frances, Jorlene, Jasmine and Myraaaa!! :* >:D<

13. Hello Panda Chocolate. Sorry, this is the last food that I will be listing. :P I just love sweets. :))

14. SHOES! Oxfords, Boots, Heels, Flats, Sandals name it! HAHA. I'm a size 5 1/2 or 6 btw. :>

15. Unique rings and necklaces! I am hunting for lots of it! Especially those that's really cute and different! No photo neessary. Nah, I'm just lazy. :))

 16. Dresses, Tops, Skirts, or anything from Forever 21! Or any outfit at all! As long as it's fashionable. :>
UPDATE: I already got to shop a lot of clothes so... but i'm still accepting! :))

17. BAGS!! Lots of it! :)) I prefer designer ones. HAHAHA.

18. DVDs of GG, 90210, Priveleged, Ugly Betty and many more series and movies!

19. An autograph of Ian Somehalder. Better yet, he would greet me on my birthday! or just tweet me. :">

20. MY FINAL WISH. To go to the 2011 World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. I need $2,000.00!!! Help me!!

Well, that's it. 20 wishes for my 20th year. Hope i get one of it. :>

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