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Saturday, February 28

a friendly poem

wala lang found it when in a notebook i used during college review 2 summers ago. :D i didn't even remember i wrote something like this way back. haha. tagal na. :)) i probably wasn't listening to our teacher then or something. :P
wala lang. just sharing :)
i need a friend by my side
and her feelings she won't hide
i need a friend who will care
for me, she'll always be there
i need a friend who is true
who'll tell me everything she knew
i need a friend when i cry
the one who will make me smile
i need a friend like my mom
who'll like me for who i am
my friend and i will be together
we'll be best friends 'til forever. :)

i know it's corny haha. noon pa yan :P wala lang :D

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